SubstanceTrak - Controlled Substance Perpetual Inventory System
SubstanceTrak , a narcotic tracking system, securely administers and tracks controlled substance. The software provides a method for tracking receipt and distribution of controlled substances within a Hospital / external settings. The software features roles based security. It allows administrators to grant or deny user access to parts of the system. SubstanceTrak maintains the following tables:
  1. SCHEDULE I – V – Maintain list of controlled substances
  2. HOSPITAL: Manage multiple hospital pharmacies
  3. PHARMACIST: Tied to hospital. List associated hospital pharmacists.
  4. DOCTOR: Tied to hospital. List associated hospital doctors.
  5. ORDER: Tied to hospital. Track placement of orders.
  6. RECEIPT: Tied to orders. Track receipt of orders.
  7. CUSTOMER/PATIENT: Tied to hospital. List associated hospital patients.
  8. DISPENSING: Tied to customer or patient. Track and manage the dispensing of controlled substances to patients.
  9. RECEIPT: List inventory of received controlled substances. Quickly query patients who have received associated drugs.
  10. INITIAL INVENTORY: Module to perform initial inventory.
  11. BIENNIAL INVENTORY: Module to perform biennial inventory
  12. LOCATION: Manage space or location section of the controlled substances in pharmacy   more...
Meddsys - Medical Systems
Our mission is to create, provide and implement web-based medical systems that enable physicians and healthcare providers to manage their patient information more efficiently, effectively and securely. MeddSys Clinical Information System manages patient information. Its Internet servers allow Healthcare providers to wire patients with their records. Some of the benefits include: Patient or next of kin can monitor fluctuation of vital signs Gives you a competive advantage Allow patient to check lab results and medications Improves customer loyalty and satisfaction Reduce medical error and improve quality   more...
Golf Course And Pro Shop Management System
Sample web site for Golf Course and Proshop.
ADRTrak - Alternative Dispute Resolution Tracking System
ADRTrak, an Alternative Dispute Management Case Management System .The ADR software captures and securely manages the following DATABASE TABLES: Pre-Complaint info including complete Complainant data. COMPLAINANT DOCUMENT: Attach and/or format complaint related documents CASE: Tied to complainant data. Auto generated case numbers, status and description CASE DOCUMENT: Tied to case data. Attach and/or format any case related documents WORKLOAD: Tied to case data. Assign to counselor, specialist, ect. BASIS: Tied to case data. Name and description ISSUE: Tied to case data. Name and description ACTION: Tied to pre-complaint data. Begin / end dates, document and manages the following action types: Counseling - Maintain details on counseling session. Final Action - Maintain details on final action On-Remand - Maintain details on hearing Fee - Main details on attorney, investigation and other fees Notice - Maintain details on these notice types: Notification of Acceptance for Processing, Dismissal, Counselor Report, Notice sto File a Formal Complaint , Resolution Letter and other notices Corrective Action - Maintain details on the following corrective action types: Retroactive Hire, non-Retroactive Hire, Accomodation, Training, ect... ADR - Maintain details on ADR. Mamages the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques: Mediation, Facilitation, Multiple Techniques, Fact Finding, Peer Review, Ombuds, ect... Manages the following Sources of Neutral: Private Organization, In-house, ect... Manages the different type of settle benefits. more.. ACTION DOCUMENT. Tied to action data. Attach and/or format any action related documents. INVESTIGATION: Tied to action. By whom (counselor& ), description, and whether by agency personnel or outside sources, ect INVESTIGATION DOCUMENT: Tied to investigation data. Attach and/or format any investigation related documents RESOLUTION: Tied to investigation data. By whom (counselor& ), descript
Child Care Subsidy Software
Our Child Care Subsidy System Program software manages the following: A. Handle all administrative tasks associated with the child care subsidy program appropriately and efficiently. B. Maintain confidentiality of all the information contained in the child care subsidy program applications. C. Notify the parents and the child care provider of the amount of the subsidy that each family will receive and the effective dates. D. Determine the eligibility of child care providers to receive Federal funds (all must comply with all applicable licensing and other regulatory requirements) by: (1) Requiring each child care provider to submit a copy of any current license and any statement of compliance from any body charged with regulating that provider; (2) Requiring child care providers to submit their taxpayer identification numbers; and (3) Insuring that licensed child care providers understand that if, for whatever reason, the provider is no longer licensed or subject to regulatory oversight or is not in compliance with applicable regulations, the provider will immediately notify the contractor and the Federal employee whose child is enrolled in the child care program. In such cases, the provider will no longer be permitted to receive the child care subsidy; and E. Review monthly invoices for the child care subsidy amounts from the child care providers, and provide payment if appropriate, based on the invoiced amount no later than 30 calendar days after the date of the invoice. The contractor will pay the child care subsidy tuition assistance directly to the child care provider, and not to the Federal employee, unless OPM has approved payment directly to the employee. (1) Insure that the child care provider submits a written invoice, on a monthly basis, to the contractor. (2) Child care subsidy will be quoted as weekly amounts and the invoices must be prepared using full week amounts unless the child leaves the program during a particular   more...
Personnel & Training Document Management Control system
RecruiTEK - Personnel Document Management System is web-based system that organizes, schedules, reports job/document requirements and tracks personnel training records for several geographically separated locations. The software manages the following: Maintain employee-training history as updated by authorized users Job certifications, and manage all electronic documents Support Internet browser upgrades such as MS Explorer 6.0. Perform employee job training planning and the associated certifications of that training Manage employee-training records. Provide internal document control Perform document routing for review and approval. Provide on line updating of training records by employees. Provide e-mail notification of activities. Track document revision history. Monitor which user are making changes to documents. Provide document distribution tracking. Perform employee job certification (example: when job certification requires a certain number of tasks be completed before that certification can be issued, this database would track that and recommend certification be awarded based on member meeting stated requirements.) Provide related documents & referenced document tracking. Provide multiple search features. Provide check out/check in document features. Perform version tracking. Manage CAD drawings, flowcharts, spreadsheets and other Windows based products. View documents in native format Provide document security   more...
ConTrak - SOX Compliance and Document Management
Managing information has long been recognized as the key to the success of your business. Regardless of the business discipline--with the proper information flow—a successful business executive can position his business to seize opportunity as it presents itself. If your business is manufacturing, oversight of static files, database tables, or planning modules define your process. If you have a process oriented business, you require a way to capture, create, manage and deliver information both accurately and on a timely basis. ConTrak SOX has been developed to function as one of the more powerful tools available in the marketplace, at a price to keep every CFO smiling. What does ConTrak SOX do? 1. ConTrak SOX can operate in two separate modes; it allows creation and management of data as a stand-alone application or can be operated as an integrated Web-based Executive Dashboard. 2. ConTrak SOX allows you to scan, test validity, and control all document information easily, quickly, and efficiently. 3. ConTrak SOX assists in building audit trails with not only a version control—but also with a rollback and history management function to support regulatory compliance. 4. ConTrak SOX helps reduce risk. 5. ConTrak SOX defines streamlined workflows, enhancing review, user accessibility, and approval and eases the publishing of content and documents. ConTrak SOX, with its preferred pricing and strong attraction profile, meshes seamlessly with the requirements in place with Sarbanes Oxley legislation, now being implemented in the USA. With the implementation of SarbOx Section 302, Public companies in the United States are now mandated in requiring the CEO and CFO to certify they've reviewed the quarterly and annual reports; it requires them to certify that the financial statements are presented fairly with no untrue statements or omission of material facts; it establishes that they're responsible for disclosure controls and procedures and in   more...
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